Runke's business creates values and therefore has the responsibility to contribute to the society. In 2018, Runke started the“Nourish and Cultivate”project as a respond to government's appeal for targeted poverty alleviation. Through the “Nourish and Cultivate” project, Runkesupports “Healthy China”. This is our social responsibility and promise.
  • “Nourish” represents the sincerity of Runke as water nourishing creatures. With both temper and grace, water supports all creatures and protects the wonderful world.
  • “Cultivate”representsRunke's hope for the future generation of China. Runke supports the growth of children, wishing them to be healthy and successful.
Runke assists to fight the covid-19 epidemic

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of medical staff guarded everyone's health as angels.
Runke donated nutritional products worth 2 million yuan to the frontline medical staff to support the fight against the epidemic.
Beiyou Scholarship

While providing nutrition assistance, Runke also provides scholarships for outstanding students through the "Runke Beiyou Scholarship" program, so that they can win a better future.
Runke will select primary schools and colleges, and set up "Runke Beiyou Scholarship" in eligible schools to reward outstanding talents and encourage students to study hard, be creative and have a better future.
Run Xinyue Book Donation

A good story book can not only give children knowledge, but also happiness, and let good children develop good reading habits.
The "Run Xinyue Book Donation" program aims to pay attention to children's public welfare and share books to encourage children to read. Through the donated extracurricular books, we will convey care and happiness to the children, let them feel the beauty of sharing, and feel the "warm embrace" of the whole society for them.
Aihui Assistance Program

Left-behind children and the elderly in mountainous areas generally suffer from nutritional deficiency and lack of nutrition, which can even cause irreversible physical damage to children.
The "Aihui Assistance Program" aims to pay attention to the physical, mental and nutritional status of left-behind children and the elderly in poverty-stricken areas. The activities not only include donations of nutritional materials, but also involve nutritional knowledge preaching, children's psychological care and other content to promote their physical and mental development. "Aihui Assistance Program" will be launched in Zhaoan, Fujian, Guizhou, Guangxi and other regions.
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